Wednesday 4 December 2013


Hello readers,

For various reasons this blog will no longer be updated but will essentially be an archive.  I realise that new people are still reading and enjoying it, I hope that that will be the case for many years to come, it is really nice to know this blog continues to be of interest and help to people.

Thank you all for your support and comments.

December 2013


  1. Interesting to see you are still around and posting, kinda. I think I ran across you almost 10 years back on a polygamy (polygyny) dating site. I will note that I read most of your musings at the time, and ran the other way. I am still in the same live-together relationship with the same two women, and we now have 10 children. Poly fidelity works quite well if you start with good people. I would argue, after seeing swinger couples and other poly people's relationships fall apart, that it fares worse than relative monogamy. I think the fidelity part is what creates a stronger, long-term bond. Without it, a relationship (mono or poly) seems to offer only brief (even if years) emotional and physical release. I am sorry your relationship did not work out for you.

    1. Well 'I' Natja am still very much in the polygamy scene, as far as I know, the other two are not involved for their own reasons. In my experience this goes against the norm, when the incoming partner often is disillusioned by a negative experience when they were treated as disposable, plants the blame on polygamy itself and not on wrong choice of partner IN polygamy, which was my personal failing.

      I am ok with that, it is a learning curve and I would much rather be doing what I am doing then stuck in a situation very bad for me in which I suffered physically, emotionally and mentally.
      As for your little jibe about running the other way, I am fairly sure I neither noticed, nor cared as it has always been my desire to stay in my country where I and
      my children were born. I live an amazing life now, free from the burden of other peoples stresses, dramas and self imposed misery, I have absolutely no desire to add onto my happy life with the burden of a self important, pompous man. No husband is better than an unpleasant one who gets his jollies insulting women on the internet. Have a lovely day and hope you, your partners and your children have a fraction of the happiness I enjoy.